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Juice Fast Results That Will Transform You

Are you looking for juice fast results that will transform you? Well you’ve come to the right place!

When done properly (and I show you how below), a juice fast really has the power to change you. Including having more energy, feeling younger, losing weight, and gaining mental clarity. There is so much science coming out about fasting now that describes exactly how fasting benefits the body.

Why Juice Fast?

It’s pretty common for people to eat way more protein than what their body actually requires. Research data from Cornell University and T Colin Campbell backs this up.

As the years go by, all this excess protein accumulates in the body slowing down many processes and the end result is that we produce more of a growth hormone called IGF-1, which has been identified as one of the main factors in cancer (cancer is basically unregulated growth of cells). IGF-1 promotes other types of growths in the body too, such as skin tags, moles and this is how people develop polyps in the colon.

When you do a fast, your body actually autolyzes (or self-digests) the excess proteins that you have built up. This process will get rid of moles, skin tags, polyps and helps your body to heal in general.

Not only that, but during a fast you cut the amount of IGF-1 produced by half, which drastically lowers your chance of getting cancer. There’s a lot of research on certain kinds of fruits and vegetables in combatting cancer that’s amazing. But essentially the real healing happens when you just clear the body out. Give the body a break and allow it to catch up. These other nutrients are also much more assimilable after a fast as well.

Reset Your Immune System, Lower Your Cancer Risk & Feel Amazing

There is now good research that shows, when you fast even for 3 days, your entire immune system is RESET. You’ll have a brand new immune system after 3 days of fasting!! Just go to the online research library, PubMed and see the papers published on this for yourself or click the link here for more info.

All of your organs, and in fact all of your body, has the ability to reset itself and to regenerate. And it’s optimised through the process of fasting.

So What Do You Need To Start Juicing?

Basically you need a juicer, and you need fresh fruits and vegetables. Once you have those things, you can have a juice fast anywhere!

If you want to make sure you are doing a juice fast properly, sign up for my free 7 Day Cleanse, where I take you through all the tips and tricks you need to have the best possible experience. You can do your juice fast at home or even better on vacation at one of my retreats or on your own as I actually recommend being in a different environment to make the fast a lot easier.

If you’re addicted to caffeine and certain foods it might be uncomfortable in the beginning. I’d actually recommend you do a 4 Day Colon Cleanse first to make things easier on your body, then you’ll hit a point of clarity, energy and really feeling fantastic!

So sign up for my 7 Day Cleanse now. We have had over 6,000 people participate who are now part of our 7 Day Cleanse Facebook community which offers amazing support and inspiring stories. You’ll see stories of how fasting has helped people heal hundreds of different illnesses and gained their life and vitality back. It’s an amazing community.

Get on it. Check it out. Have a great day!

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