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Longevity And Immortality: Is it Possible To Live Forever

I’ve always been fascinated by the question: Is it possible to live forever?

From a young age I’ve read and researched a lot of ancient texts that speak of people living hundreds of years and talking about hidden secrets that could allow us to be immortal.

The quest for immortality, to live forever, to find the fountain of youth is not a new thing, but it seems that now more than ever there’s a real trend building around the subject of longevity. There are billionaires in the US in an anti-ageing race working with ‘advanced technologies’ spending billions of dollars on how to change our biology to live longer.

But I’m here to say that there’s no need to do any research. We just need to look back at what the ancients did.

How Long Could You Potentially Live?

Something common across all ancient cultures is longevity. There are records of people living far beyond our current average lifespan.

In the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Sumeria and China they all speak of individuals who lived for 300 – 500 years, such as the Yellow Emperor of China. Also Methuselah who is mentioned in the bible and other ancient texts lived to nearly 1000 years, and there very specific recordings of the birth of his children to align with that.

Will Science Make You Live Longer?

So my research on the ancients confirms to me that we are capable of living much longer than we do now. It seems the solutions are natural, uncomplicated and effective (I’ll tell you what they are below, or maybe you’ve guessed already. ????

But despite this ancient knowledge, we have universities all around the world, as well as billionaires in Silicon Valley, literally investing millions of dollars in a race to do more research.

This research is focused towards discovering the gene sequences, types of foods and chemicals that can be developed to unlock and grow our telomeres, while also unlocking the DNA and pathways that will create longevity for the potential of immortality.

What I’d like to say in regards to this research is that it’s already been done!!

There were brilliant cultures thousands of years ago that had more knowledge than we do, and they were already doing these things. But a lot of times this knowledge was kept secret because there were factions and religions that didn’t want people to gain this information, so they slaughtered and killed everybody and burnt libraries to keep this information for themselves.

How To Extend your life by 20 – 50 Years!

Both the ancient longevity secrets and current science is showing that we can radically increase our lifespan by doing two things – caloric restriction and cyclic fasting.

Now, there’s a few things to discuss here….

First off, when I say radically increase life span, I’m not just talking about 5 years, I’m talking about up to 50% longer! In a study with rhesus monkeys where they fasted on alternate days (and ate as much as they felt on the days in-between) those monkeys could live 25%, 30% longer. I even saw another study showing 40% to 50% increase in lifespan.

So what does that mean? Well, if we naturally live to be 100 now, you can add 20, 30, 40 or potentially even 50 years to your life through cycled fasting!! What I find really interesting is there’s cultures that lived in the past that did intermittent fasting every single day where they ate during only a few hours of the day. That meant they gave their bodies really long breaks, potentially 16 to 18 to even 20 hours a day of fasting and then they would have their big meal.

And you might be thinking, “Oh, I don’t want to reduce my calories. I need to grow muscle, to be strong, I don’t want to eat less.” But caloric restriction when you eat the right foods can make you stronger and live longer.

If you go back to Alexander the Great, the Spartans or the Roman Garrisons, these guys lived their lifestyles intermittent fasting. They only ate at night and fasted during the day and they were stronger. These guys would carry 30 to 50 kilos of armour, and marched 20 to 30 miles every single day. They were brilliant!

But they didn’t live to be 120 or 130 because they were at war and they were killing each other or when they retired they started indulging and growing older.

A Lifestyle That Promotes Longevity Now

What if there was a lifestyle that we could adopt that would radically increase our lifespan? A lifestyle that incorporates intermittent fasting, not only improves your health, but radically reduces your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes – all of these diseases.

There’s a documentary called Eat, Fast and Live Longer by Dr. Michael Mosley out of the UK that shows even one or two days a week of doing some intermittent fasting reduces IGF-1 in the liver by 50% or more. This is the insulin-like growth factor which is the main cause of cancer growth.

Even little bits of fasting have major effects for radically reducing your chances of getting cancer, heart disease, and all these things, the research shows. So I’d recommend really looking into this.

Is It Possible To Live Forever?

The potential to live longer is one thing, but what about the potential to live forever? To be immortal?

Well there’s a lot of research which has been done where they’ve actually created immortality in certain beings on Earth. Yes! They’ve taken certain kinds of jellyfish and have been able to fast them, feed them, fast them, feed them … indefinitely. Meaning that a jellyfish can be immortal.

And I would question: are we as evolved? Or do we as human beings (supposedly the most evolved being on this planet) have the capacity to do what a simple jellyfish can do?

Research from Hull Biological Labs at the University of Chicago showed fasting for 10-14 days on water reverted the cells of a 40 year old male back to that of a 17 year old!

There’s a lot of research now coming out from USC (University of Southern California) about stem cells being released in the body, and regenerating our body when we fast. So how far can we go with this? It’s something to really look at.

Basically my message here is I don’t think we need to spend billions of dollars looking for the next pill or looking for the next vaccine to make you live longer. The studies already show caloric restriction and intermittent fasting are what promote longevity and show potential for regeneration or even immortality.

So get started with intermittent fasting, get started with detoxification. Start to figure these things out, and as you have more clarity mentally, and more energy, then you can really start to look at the possibilities for massive life extension, and the potential for immortality.

If you want to know more on the topic of longevity, how to reduce your risk of disease and feel young and vibrant for longer, come along to one of my Tolman Longevity Tour events. I’m taking this tour to as many different cities as possible to help show people just how simple and easy it can be to live a happier, healthier, longer life.

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