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Natural Cold Sore Treatment And Herpes Treatment Ideas Tools And Techniques


When it comes to the herpes virus and natural herpes treatment, I believe you can eliminate it 100 percent. I believe that because I used to get cold sores a couple times a year and now I can’t remember the last time I had a cold sore, must be over 10 years ago. Through fasting and a healthy lifestyle you can destroy the virus.


Lifestyle Impacts To Address Cold Sores – Keeping Clean And Stress free

So what is a cold sore? They often get called canker sores too and the word canker is Latin meaning ‘rot and decay’. A canker sore on your lips means the digestive system is rotting and decaying and that’s the sign or signal of what’s happening internally.

A virus can manifest in different places when areas of the body are weak. If your genitals are unclean then they’ll potentially manifest there. I recommend keeping it clean down there guys and girls even from hair. Especially take care to clean yourself up after intercourse of any other kind of friendly partner playing. Basically keep that area clean, keep your whole body clean, keep your urinary tract clean!

The lips of the mouth are directly related to the digestive system so as soon as you’re eating crap food and your colon’s blocked it’s likely cold sores will pop out into your lip.

If the sores are appearing in the area around the eye then that is generally an external representation of a kidney issue. If it’s on the outer edge of the corner of the eye it’s a sign something is up with your adrenals. Watch how much coffee, caffeine or caffeinated drinks your consuming as they weaken both the kidneys and adrenals.

In fact if you take note of when the sores pop up I bet it’s generally when you are stressed or not eating the right foods.

Natural Cold Sore Treatments

When it comes to specific external manifestation of sores you may get some 35% food grade H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and dab it directly onto the cold sore using a cotton tip. Our body naturally produces H2O2 through the immune system, white blood cells excrete it to kill off bacteria, viruses and other things, so through the application of H2O2 directly to the cold sore can kill it externally to the core.

Now you could put H2O2 on your lips but another option is to use a powerful essential oil like lavender and press that on the area as soon as you feel the cold sore manifesting. This the time to definitely consider doing a digestive cleanse, salt flush or anything else to clean you out. A 4 Day Colon Cleanse or 7 Day Online Juice Fast are ideal.

Juicing and Fasting

When it comes to fasting if you really want to kill viruses within the body and eliminate them completely there are a couple of things you can take during the fast that will help. Garlic is known to kill 99.9 percent viruses and bad bacteria and so is colloidal silver. If you are fasting plus you’re drinking colloidal silver and smashing down some garlic you are most likely going to kill those viruses.

Now there’s another factor about fasting that can kill viruses called autolysis. Essentially when you’re fasting your body still requires protein for the natural metabolic state of rebuilding cells your body. Without protein from food your body will literally forage around looking for excess protein to break it down and to rebuild your body. What it looks at first is cancer cells, tumors, cyst, abscesses, polyps and viruses.

Yes viruses are made up of protein so during a fast the body actually attacks the viruses even more so. Your body literally rips the virus apart and then uses the building blocks for healthy tissue. I think that’s pretty cool.

Cabala Cleanse To Kill Cold Sores

My dad has this amazing cleanse juice called Cabala juice. The name stands for Carrot Apple Beet Apple Lemon Apple. The apple is there three times because you add one red, one yellow and one green apple. It’s using the colours of the rainbow to specifically detoxify the body and rebuild it. My dad would probably say 21 days on a cabala juice fast would strip that virus and you never give deal with that again. Well that is if you keep a healthy lifestyle thereafter and unless of course you go kissing and touching and doing things that you do before to get the virus in the first place ?

Even after a major cleanse I would still recommend keeping a healthy lifestyle to make sure you don’t become susceptible to the virus again. Do your best to eat well and stay stress free by doing meditation or whatever you need to just ‘let go’ sometimes.

Hope this helps!

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