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Natural Skin Cancer Treatment Methods



This week I want to talk about the topic of skin cancer treatment. Did you know that skin cancer is the number one type of cancer that exists? There are more cases of skin cancer on this planet than every other cancer combined.

The biggest misconception about skin cancer is the the sun causes it. Actually this couldn’t be further from the truth. What causes cancer is a build up in toxicity that eventually develops into a degenerative condition.The word cancer comes from the latin ‘canker’ and literally means rot and decay. Cancer literally rotting and decaying flesh inside the body.


The sun is one of the greatest detoxifiers and can actually help pull wastes from the body. So if you have cancer developing inside, and you have a lot of sun exposure chances are the cancer is going to show up on your skin. If your skin is reacting to being out in the sun this is a sure fire sign that you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

What you need to do is alkalize the body by eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole foods. And I recommend as much fresh or raw food as possible.  in a fresh and raw form as much as possible you know 70 to 80% fresh foods.

I’ve had many people come to my retreats with skin cancer and once I help them to modify their diet they are able to be out in the sun and using things like aloe vera and lemon juice have the cancer go away.

There are a few different treatments to look at once you’ve cleaned up your diet. I want to tell you a story about a famous international speaker that had skin cancer on his nose. It was so bad the doctors literally wanted to cut his nose off! Of course the guy was freaking out! So the guy came to my father, Don Tolman.  My father put him on a fresh wholefood diet to start alkalising his body and also gave him some aloe vera plant. He said, “Here cut this aloe vera, tape it onto your face, and walk around within all day, then replace it with fresh pieces”. This guy did it and within 7 days the skin cancer was entirely gone. Imagine if he had cut his nose off!


Did you know since the advent of sunscreen there have actually been more cases of skin cancer? I think this is for a number of reasons but firstly most chemical sunscreens are petroleum based. And petroleum is known to cause cancer!

The best thing to do for your skin before going in the sun is to make sure it’s clean and alkaline. Dr Otto Warburg showed that cancer is caused in a low oxygen and acidic environment and the skin is naturally slightly acid. I have a skin cleaning process called guasha that will alkalise the skin. It’s a simple body scrub you make using bicarb soda and vodka that the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures used.

Now I had someone come to me with skin cancer and after they did a juice fast noticed the area where the cancer was started weeping and they were concerned and wanted to know what was going on. Well my take on that is that maybe it’s just part of the detox process. The area where the cancer is on the skin is weeping trying to release more of what’s going on internally. I’d take that as a good sign.

What I’d recommend is to continue the detox process. Get really educated on how to fast to. In my free Online Juice Fast I’ve written a load of protocols on how to support all your channels of elimination. That might really help so there is not so much pressure for everything to come out through the skin.

So don’t be afraid on the sun, eat a load of fresh whole foods, drink a lot of water and stay healthy.


Thanks for reading!

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