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New Ways to be Part of Heal Thy Self

New Ways to be Part of Heal Thy Self

Evolving in 2020…

With 2020 Vision, we welcome in The Heal Thy Self Movement.

2019 has been a year of change and we are getting ready for a new cycle in 2020.

For over a decade we have been at the forefront of health and wellness and, in the beginning, really were pioneers in fasting and alternative health. We’ve come a long way since then and to fit with our bigger vision my team and I are changing the name of our brand to ‘The Heal Thy Self Movement’. This allows us a bigger umbrella to welcome like-minded experts in all areas of holistic health that align with our vision and mission of Heal Thy Self!

I am very much a leader of this movement, yet my team and I are firm believers that ‘Together We are Better’, so we are moving from ‘the one’ to ‘the many’, enabling us to collectively support your growth and evolution even further.

So we want to announce the change of name to The Heal Thy Self Movement and tell you all that is happening within this new umbrella. 

The movement comprises several arms of our business – Heal Thy Self TRiBE, Products, HTS Academy and Coaches, Programs and Events.

We’re really excited to be able to enrich your health experience and want to share how this change will benefit you. 

So a drum roll here and let’s go… 

Our Products division, well known for Colon Cleanse and Pulse, is rapidly expanding to now provide a whole range of quality wellness products from organic coffee to salt, and parasite cleanses to mouth care kits – watch this space!

Our Heal Thy Self Academy and our team of Heal Thy Self Coaches is growing worldwide and creating local Heal Thy Self Gathering Events and Meetups in major cities around the world from Sydney to London. This means more opportunities to connect in real life and if you want to work with a coach 1-on-1, you can without the long wait when Tyler was the only coach. 

Our Online Programs and Events continue to grow as well. We have created a world-class programs area that houses the best of the best programs from wellness leaders, who we learn from ourselves, and wish to share their wisdom with you too. 

Our TRiBE community is also growing with a new digital platform that includes a Health and Wellness Directory for services globally – everything from Farmers Markets to Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinics. A searchable Healing Guide for quick recommendations for a range of health conditions and symptoms. And a curated library of the best resources to help you and your loved ones deal with life’s twists and turns…leaving you feeling supported and equipped with wisdom to help you take the next steps. 

We’re also opening a brand new division called Partner with Us for health practitioners and people who have important messages to share, but need a social platform to help get started. Maybe this is you, starting out and wanting to get more leverage in the wellness world. 

There’s so much for everyone in The Heal Thy Self Movement. We wanted to be of service to more people in new ways and we’re really excited to offer you a wealth of new opportunities to evolve, grow and connect

Thanks for being on this ride with me and continuing to take your HEALth and evolution to the next level! 

We all here at Heal Thy Self H.Q. are really excited about all that’s coming with the evolution of The Heal Thy Self Movement and how this is truly going to help us rise to share the message of self-care globally.

Tyler, Rachelle and the Heal Thy Self Team!

PS. To find out more about any of the above simply visit healthyself.co. This is the hub to find out about all our new offerings and products and partnering with us 

PPS. Brighten up your insta feed by following us at @thehealthyselfmovement for health and wellness tips, inspiration and more…

Thanks for reading!

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