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No Energy? Increase Your Life Force Energy With These Foods

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Do you often feel like you have no energy? Well, then let’s have a conversation about life force energy! People often talk about getting enough calories for energy. I know a lot of people think a calorie is a calorie. That it doesn’t matter if you get calories from donuts or apples because they burn the same. However, most of us miss the fact that energy is about so much more than just calories. It’s really about the nutrition and life force of a food.

Calories Versus Life Force Energy Of Food

My dad, Don Tolman, used to have this thing called the fruit clock. You could literally take a lemon, apple, orange, cucumber, or any other food, plug in an electro diode, and it would light up this clock! This works because there’s a certain level of life force energy (electricity) that exists within these foods. So, all plant foods in their raw, unchanged state provide this life force energy.

However, if you plug some cooked food into the clock, say a hamburger or apple pie, you might get a bit of a flicker. But, as opposed to plant foods, they won’t power that clock for a week or a month. So, what I’m getting at is that there should be a level of ingestion of electricity into our bodies.

Ways to Breath In Energetic Electricity

We can get electricity in many different ways. Breathing is one of them. There’s electricity that happens in the air. Just try taking a deep breath now. When the air moves 15 ft. or 5 meters, it’s electrified.

You have probably never thought about breathing since you do it unconsciously, but now you can start seeing it as something that gives you energy, life force, and vitality.

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Sun Energy To Recharge Your Inner Battery

Getting out into the sun and absorbing sunlight is another way to get that life energy.

Of course, the other way to absorb sun energy is through plant-based foods. Eating foods in their raw unchanged state, there’s a massive amount of energy.

In Kirlian photography they can actually take a photograph of a grape and show the electricity coming off of it. Put that grape in the microwave and, take a photo again, and you’ll see that this electrical force is pretty much gone.

When we microwave, cook, and process foods, not only are we losing nutritional components and qualities, but we are losing the life force as well.

If you think the sun is bad for you, think again. Check out my article why Sun Light Is Not Your Enemy.

The Raw Food Diet

At least once or twice a year, I go through at least 30 days of a raw food diet. My diet is then based mainly on this food called Pulse and on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and having salads.

It’s really interesting what happens when I do this.

At first, I’m really hungry and eating a lot of food and try to accentuate my caloric intake or accentuate my habit of feeling really full based on the energy of cooked and condensed foods.

But what happens within 3 to 4 days? I start to eat less and have more and more energy and more and more vitality. In fact, typically by day 10, I feel that I’m so overflowing with energy that I have to run, go to the gym, and do other things because I can’t sit still.

Reasons To Eat Cooked Food

Now, the question you might be asking is why would I ever go back to eating cooked foods? And the only way I can answer this is that I’m a human, and I enjoy cooked foods, and I’m addicted to it.

Cooking foods is fantastic, and there’s a part of this that I still enjoy.

I believe that we can all enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and gain life force energy and vitality from them AND still enjoy some cooked foods along the way.

When I follow a diet that is 70 to 90 percent raw foods, I feel fantastic. I have energy, vitality, and my mind is clear.

Where Do You Get Your Life Force Energy From?

So, back to my dad’s clock. Think about where you’re getting your life force energy from. Is it from your food? Perhaps it’s more from your breathing, being out in the sunshine or living your passion.  Or maybe you can feel this life force energy flickering inside you but don’t know how to maximise it and turn it into something really powerful. I’m sure you will find the solution to this on our Bali Self Care Adventure. Why don’t you take a glimpse at how this 7-day healing journey looks like?


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