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Prescription Drugs For Depression Treatment Linked To Increase In Crime

I am a huge proponent for health not just for us individually but for the health of our community and society. I feel really compelled to highlight the problem that prescription drugs cause in our society.

Take the recent Charlton Shootings for example. The guy was on Suboxone, a high addictive SSRI drug that is linked with sudden outbursts of violence and increased aggression. Not surprisingly there is a strong link between shootings, murders and other violent crimes and individuals taking psychiatric drugs, specially SSRI’s like Prozac.

The Failure Of Pharmaceuticals In Depression Treatment – The Drugs Don’t Work

SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors and are the most commonly prescribed drug to ‘treat’ depression. Basically they work by allowing serotonin (the happy hormone) to stay in the blood stream longer. But these drugs are known to have a very short term effect and then the body adapts and they no longer work. Even worse after you stop taking them you can feel even more depressed as your body has started to produce even less serotonin. Basically it’s a downward spiral.

The Link Between Pharmaceutical Drugs And Crime

On the website ‘SSRI Stories’ they have documented over 6,000 stories from the media where prescription drugs were related to crime. To me it’s clear that this is just not a solution and to make sure we don’t wake up to this downward spiral the pharmaceutical companies are known to pay huge advertising revenue to make sure that any stories with a negative association to SSRI’s aren’t shown on TV.

Science Shows Fasting Is The Most Effective And Immediate Way To Treat Depression

When the body is out of balance either physically or mentally fasting is the most effective and direct way to bring you back to health. Fasting is scientifically proven to help depression. A review of the scientific literature by Fond et. al in 2009 saw that fasting had “major effects on mood, such as changes in neurotransmitters, quality of sleep, and synthesis of neurotrophic factors. Many clinical observations relate an early (between day 2 and day 7) effect of fasting on depressive symptoms with an improvement in mood, alertness and a sense of tranquility reported by patients.”

Let’s Build And Nurture Our Society Through Real Health, Instead Of Destroying It With Pharmaceuticals

I guess mental health is still misunderstood by many and there is a conditioning that prescription drugs are the only way. But here’s the news flash – drugs are not the way to treat depression. Getting out in the sunshine, fresh air, the green of nature, having meaningful relationships and purpose in your life is the way. We need to build and nurture our society not prescribe drugs that destroy it.



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