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Raising Consciousness: Do Grains Have A Role To Play In Our Spiritual Evolution?

Hey there, welcome to Part 2 on my thoughts on Are Seeds And Grains Healthy For You? I spoke previously about the effects on the physical body, and now here, want to share my thoughts on whether grains play a role in raising consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

So many people are getting caught up in this concept of Paleo Diet and grains causing gluten intolerance etc. Here are some of my thoughts and some interesting new research…

I believe our ancestors ate mainly fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, roots, mushrooms, greens, legumes (beans, peas, lentils etc) and grains, not mainly meat like some would have you to believe. According to a recent story published in New Scientist, the belief that our ancestors ate a paleo diet—which emphasizes cutting grains and dairy while eating an increased amount of meat—is wrong.

Instead, Marta Mariotti Lippi and her colleagues at the University of Florence found traces of oats on an ancient grinding tool in Southern Italy dating 32,000 years ago, which is approximately 20,000 years before farming was developed. Based on this discovery, researchers deduced that Paleolithic people turned oats into flour and then applied heat to create a flatbread.

Lippi says this isn’t the only instance of evidence pointing to ancient people eating starch. “In Central Italy they ate starch from cattail,” Lippi said. ” In the Middle East, starch from wild wheat. In Russia and Moravia, they were eating starch, but we do not know which plants they processed.”

Furthermore, New Scientist cited the expertise of archaeologist Matt Pope from the University College London, who stated, “There is a relationship there to be explored between diet, experimentation with processing plant food, and cultural sophistication.”

I’ve talked to actual Palaeontologists who say they have tested the fossilised plaque of teeth in paleolithic people only to find plant based dietary evidence and from sources of barley, fruit, wheat, legumes and grains.

The oldest record of flesh eating starts with cannibalism then onto animals as this practice was eventually looked down on. Modern-day humans can obtain 17 grams of plant protein per 100 grams of oats, grain proteins were more than enough for Soldiers and Gladiators in ancient times. Gladiators were referred to as “Barley Men” as they would consume a strict diet of barley for long periods for strength and agility.

It’s the pesticides and metals accumulation from fluoride used on grains for storage to prevent pests from eating it that is causing all the digestive and other disorders, not the supposed gluten which is actually quality protein. I recommend soaking, rinsing and germinating grains to get the full benefit from them and thus rendering them one of the healthiest foods for humans.

Don’t buy into the Atkins diet renamed. Also here is a video from an actual Paleontologist.

Debunking The Paleo Diet: https://youtu.be/BMOjVYgYaG8

Your Body as a Temple, King SOL-OM-ON’s Temple

In ancient times the body was referred to as a temple and when it was perfected it was referred to as King Solomon’s temple. I think wheat and grains are part of the original “vegetables” (foods that grow on mother nature’s “Table”) used to strengthen the body. To explain this properly I have to give you a little background behind this. Sol-om-on was three syllables.

SOL represents the basement or bottom portion of the body from the feet to the navel. It’s where seeds (sperm & egg) are brought forth into the world (related to the reproductive organs). SOL is also where the word solar comes from, the sun plants its seed (Life force & Intelligent Coding) into the earth.

OM represents the middle section of the body, the naval to the throat where the organs are housed. Organs act as instruments working together internally, like a symphony, because they run on frequencies and communicate in very specific ways. When they are in balance and harmony with each other you are healthy and when they’re imbalanced it’s called dis-ease or dis-harmony. You can actually tune your organs and tune your body with sound and light frequencies from fresh wholefoods, it’s the sound of OM that also creates balance within the body.

ON is represented by the head, where all light is perceived into the temple and projected out. Light is simply vibration. So when you see something, you’re seeing a vibration and that vibration is light. When you’re hearing something you’re hearing the vibration through the ears. When you’re smelling something you’re smelling the vibration and when you’re eating something you’re feeling the vibration through the taste buds with signals to the brain. There is also touch. The vibration of all the senses can be perceived by the top part of the temple through 7 Doors, these are the Elders of the “Head” of King Solomon’s Temple.

There are ways to build or rebuild SOL OM ON which I mention below.

Grain Strengthens The Temple

At King Solomon’s Temple (the perfected body), there were two pillars called – JACHIN and BOAZ.

Jachin literally means to establish and to strengthen the temple. The word vegetable also means to strengthen and establish – see the link that we strengthen our bodies with vegetables. Vegetables here means things that grow on Mother Nature’s table, including grains.

The Druids and Egyptians had profound wisdom on how foods correlate to the body. They separated foods into things that grow underneath the ground, grow right on the ground or grow into the heavens and into the trees. The roots and things that grow underneath are a gift for the highest parts ‘ON’ eg the brain. The things that grow on nature’s table are essentially for the centre ‘OM’. Things that grow up in the trees were seen as good for virility and reproduction found in the basement ‘SOL’. See the flip side here, what grows below is good for above and vice versa – it’s quite interesting.

So the pillar of Jachin are things like grains and vegetables that grow on mother nature’s table, they are good for strengthening us. They provide a solid foundation. Despite the ‘paleo diet’ recommending no grains, people in Paleo times totally did eat grains!!! It’s just they didn’t grow grains using the means of agriculture we have today according to what we know. Talk to a palaeontologist and they would tell you about all the tools from that period found for grinding grains and making bread.

The second pillar outside King Solomon’s temple, Boaz, means to enliven, invigorate, add JOY into the temple. Once you established a solid foundation and you were strong you could take the fruits from the trees – the things that added joy and virility to life. As mentioned earlier, things that grew in the trees were good for below (SOL), where our reproductive organs are housed.

There are certain people that are proponents for only vegetables and don’t eat fruits because there is too much sugar. In my experience these people are very solid, very grounded and strong, but there is no joy in their lives.

Doctrine of Signatures – Grain Brain

At one point in my life I was going through fasting and some deep meditation. I was really searching for my soul and who I was and one thing that really got me connected with my food is something we call the doctrine of signatures. A carrot looks like your eye. A tomato looks like your heart. A walnut looks like the brain, even with the hard shell. Celery looks like the bones. Grapes are in a cluster like the heart. Red grapes, green grapes look like red blood cells and white blood cells. Broccoli for the bronchioles of the lungs.

I was looking at these little grains that I had sprouted and saw three little growths come out. I was thinking wow, they look like neurons in the brain. I considered that many ancient cultures had specific grains in their diets, like quinoa in South America.

What if these grains potentially house information that can be downloaded through our consciousness through ingesting these foods over a period of time? There are mushrooms that are so powerful you can download information when you ingest them. Well what if ALL foods can do that and we’re just not tuned in to receive the messages through these foods? Or these messages are muddled because we are eating such a variety of food and because of the toxicity in our environment?

Grains and Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness

To test my theory of food containing messages for us I decided to do a fast. To purify my body and cleanse it out. Stretch my body, do strength training, get out in the sun, breathe deeply and drink a lot of water.

When it came time to break my fast I started sprouting kamut grains. Kamut is an ancient grain, used by the Egyptian culture. It was part of their daily life for thousands of years. It was literally rediscovered not too long ago when 26 grain berries were found in a tomb. I believe it is the most unadulterated form of grain and it potentially houses records of Ancient Egypt.

Kamut has been re-propagated and is now readily available, so I literally sprouted some grains and ate it like porridge and made some into grass and drank the grass juice. I was eating only Kamut for probably about five or six days. During this time the most profound experiences I’ve ever had in my life started to happen. I would go down to the beach and I would start to have memories of Ancient Egypt, I would have visions of Egyptian life and culture.

At one point when at the beach with my friends I had the urge to bury my friend in the sand and I performed some interesting rituals (this is not like me at all) when I was done my friend got up and ran to the ocean and swam a bit then ran back (His eyes seemed to be glowing) and he asked me. What the HELL did you just do to me? I feel AMAZING!! All I could say is I’m not really sure, but do XYZ to me please…. Of which he did and I will not say more as this would turn into a fantasy novel… All I can say is I unlocked Memories deep within my DNA and could see things that most people would not believe.

After my own personal experience I believe that seeds and grains have the ability to download information into us that can potentially make us more intelligent and more conscious. These grains are potential carriers of ancient information and may play a role in increasing consciousness. Perhaps this is part of the reason they are being so heavily attacked and poisoned with storage methods?

Wheat is for HUMANS!!

Thanks for reading,

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