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Reversing Diabetes Through A Plant Based Diet

Let’s have a conversation about diabetes.

I want to tackle this first by talking about Type 2 Diabetes, and then we’ll bring it back to Type 1 Diabetes, because I know there are some really strong belief systems about the inability to heal Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is now the fastest growing chronic disease around the world.

Why is this? What’s actually happening?

Why Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease

It’s the fastest growing chronic disease because our diet, health and lifestyle is getting worse and worse with the amount of processed foods, excess fats, the amount of fast food restaurants and people’s lifestyle changes in general that are out of control.

I also think there’s an overwhelming amount of conflicting information – go and eat just meat, go and eat high fat, you’ve got to have high protein, eat a vegan diet….

There are all these different ideas and opinions.

Dr Gabriel Cousens and Diabetes

I like to bring things back to Dr. Gabriel Cousens. He’s a medical doctor who has had such amazing success every single time in healing people with Type 2 and Type 1 Diabetes in just 30 days. He has a documentary called “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 days”.

What Dr Cousens does is take a group of people, Type 2s and Type 1s, to his healing center called The Tree of Life Healing Center in Arizona. He puts them on a plant based diet. That means they’re eating plants – a low fat, raw food diet. These people are just eating fresh plant foods and low fat. That means they’re focusing on vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, fruits and dried fruits.

What’s really interesting to see is that he checked their blood sugar levels from day one. Their blood sugar starts to come down when they simply eat plant based wholefoods. He’ll reduce their medication and it comes down even more.

By the end of 30 days, they have perfect blood sugar with zero medication, which is the definition of the cure for Type 2 Diabetes.

What causes Type 2 Diabetes?

I’ve had people come to my fasting programs, and basically what I’m saying here is the actual cause of Type 2 Diabetes is excess fat.

Everybody’s running around with this big belief that it’s actually sugar that causes diabetes. Now, I’m not a proponent for processed sugars. I don’t like it and I think it’s poison. We should have natural sugars from whole foods.

But Dr Cousens has proven that it’s actually the fats. When you eat too much fat, the fat gets into your lymphatic and circulatory systems and it clogs everything. You have a thick coating of fat in your arteries.

Then when you eat some fruit or sugar, sugar uploads into the circulatory system that feed all the cells and it gets trapped. This causes a pancreatic response of insulin. The fat coats the pancreas and you end up developing diabetes.

I’ve taken people juice fasting, and literally had people reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Dr Cousens puts them on a plant based diet for 30 days, so there’s a big lifestyle shift that needs to take place as well.

What about Type 1 Diabetes?

When it comes to Type 1 Diabetes, this is known to be an autoimmune condition, where supposedly your immune system is attacking the pancreas, and the beta cells have been destroyed. You’re no longer producing insulin.

Now, the thing we need to understand here is that the pancreas has actually become quite toxic and congested. This means there are toxins in the pancreas. It’s congested and it’s not able to move the way it should because of the excess fats.

When the pancreas becomes toxic, the cells start to break down. This toxicity is from vaccinations and heavy metals like mercury, phymerisol and aluminum. There are anticaking agents put into salt and baking goods. All types of toxins come from artificial colors and sweeteners. These things get into the body and wreak havoc.

As the pancreas starts to break down from all this toxicity, the immune system comes in and tries to clean up the dying cells to try to keep us alive. When scientists look at the pancreas, it looks as if the immune system is attacking it and destroying it.

That’s not the actual case. The immune system is trying to clean up the mess.

The way to reverse Type 1 Diabetes is to reset the immune system and detoxify from all the waste.

Fasting is the way to do this. Whether it’s water fasting or juice fasting for extended periods of time, this allows the entire body to detoxify from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and things that we’ve been eating and consuming for so long.

Studies from the University of Southern California have proven that in 3 days of a water fast, our entire immune system gets reset. So, it’s fasting, it’s detoxifying, it’s resetting the immune system, and in time Type 1 Diabetes can be reversed.

People are doing it, it’s actually happening. A lot of people are going to watch this video and be like, “This is complete horseshit. I’m sorry, I don’t believe it. I’ve been told by doctors this is irreversible. It’s an autoimmune condition. You have to take drugs your whole life.”

I know for many of you watching this, this is going to be a tough one to get through. But if you can, I recommend watching the documentary by Dr Gabriel Cousens because Type 1s and Type 2s have reversed this condition.

I know you can too.


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