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Simple Healthy Tips To Create An Expansive Health Transformation

Hey there! Welcome to this weeks Tyler Talks.

This week I would like to discuss simple healthy tips for healing in general. How can we bring about a situation of healing, whatever dis-ease we are faced with. Whether you have a skin condition, kidney problem, a liver issue, migraine headache, or a dysfunction in any one of your body’s systems I believe that if we truly find a lifestyle and principles that create healing within the body essentially everything can be healed.

The 7 Principles Of Health – The Foundation For Healing

The seven principles of health is the foundation for everything myself and my father Don Tolman teach. This foundation is the key. I realise there are specific components in nature that can affect specific conditions profoundly, and that’s great! I like to share this kind of information.

However if you’re missing the foundation in general, these super specific whole food treatments are not going to matter anyway. You need to come back to the foundation of what’s going to create general healing in our lives. That foundation is built by following the 7 Principles on health – air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole foods, relationships and passion. I would probably like to throw in an eight one there which is Rest. By this I mean relax, massages, hot baths, sleeping. If you get the first seven right, rest is something that naturally comes as you feel satisfied.

1. Air

There are two things to consider here, your breathing and the quality of the air you are breathing.

Overall many people are not breathing efficiently. We are meant to breathe into our stomachs, just look at babies, that is how they breathe. Most adults only breathe into their chest and very shallowly, which can lead to map oxygen, low-energy and falling asleep situations. Poor breathing also leads to acidity. The best way to alkalise the body is to breathe. That’s why exercise is so great as your increased breathing helps eliminating acid and bringing in oxygen and other beautiful qualities that create energy that breakdown waste.

To increase the air quality around you make sure you have plants in your home, office, any space! Plants literally suck out the toxins out the air studies have proven this and they produce fresh and clean air. Also open doors and windows as much as you can to allow the air to blow through and create a flow in the house.

2. Water

How much water should I drink? The research I follow suggests drinking one litre of water for every 22 kilograms a body weight, but in fact I drink more than that. I have a glass jar that holds 1 litre that I carry around and refill constantly. Occasionally I put in a pinch of Himalayan salt for the 86 minerals, to help regulate hydration and get rid of any infection.

So drink water, have a little salt in it and stay hydrated.

3. Sunshine!

Believe it or not the sun is good for you! It is important in helping your body synthesise vitamin D from cholesterol, detox through sweat and aids many nutritional processes. Vitamin D actually prevents cancer and sunshine helps the entire body function the way that it should. Every cell in your body requires light which is information to this cell for its life cycle – when it should live, when it should die, when it should grow and reproduce. Sunlight activates the pituitary and pineal gland which sets our internal clock so that we can sleep at night. A lack of sunlight can be a cause of insomnia and why some people need medication is to go to bed at night. Crazy really!

I recommend 20-30 minutes of sun a day. If you already have a tan, you can go longer. Every summer you should really build as much of a tan as you can to carry your through the winter months. The key is to be intelligent to expose yourself to as much sun as you can within reason.

If you have fair skin or red hair take it easy. You might want to try my guasha technique to clean the skin and put on some natural SPF protection and SLOWLY build up a tan. Take an umbrella if you need to. Other precautions are to look at the sun index where you are to see what time the day is safest to be in the sun. I highly recommend not using petroleum based perfume based known to be carcinogenic on your skin. Instead use natural sun protection like coconut oil, which has a natural SPF of 5-7.

4. Exercise!

The American Cancer Society’s website shares that your chances of getting cancer drop DRASTICALLY when you improve your diet and you simply move your body. Bare minimum 30 to 45 minutes walking every single day (okay take one day off!) but five or six days a week is your foundation. If you want to run or bike or swim or strength train or anything else that’s fantastic, but do that on top of your walk. If you are really exercising hard maybe reduce the walk to 20-30 minutes.

That walking activates the digestive system to move properly. Not walking is a big reason why a lot of people have digestive issues. The cross country motion of walking also balances the brain. If you’re angry, frustrated, depressed, or you have anxiety, try walking. All these issues will be solved if you walk for about 45 minutes to an hour every day. Being out in the sun and fresh air not caring about anything but the here and now. Walking is the greatest therapy, just by walking everything else will start to sort itself out.

5. Whole Foods

Eat whole foods from nature. By that I mean eat a whole apple not a whole pizza ???? Be wary of packaged food. If it has numbers on the ingredients panel – don’t buy it! If you can’t understand the words on the ingredients panel or don’t know what the hell it is – don’t buy it! Popping open a pill and taking a plastic capsule – not it! Spend your money on good organic beautiful whole foods instead.

According to the American Cancer Society the more healthy fresh fruits and vegetables you eat the less cancer, diabetes and heart disease. T Colin Campbell and Dr Esslestyn are the greatest proponents for heart disease and cancer research and have conducted the largest studies ever done in human nutrition. What do they recommend? A whole food diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains and you’ve got the got the job done!

Simply eat would you can recognise as whole foods. The process of nutrition starts with you seeing something and thinking “Wow! That looks attractive to eat”. You’re feeding your mental body just by looking at the food and thinking about where it comes from. Then smelling the food starts to activate salivation and certain enzymes come in to break down that food – just from the smell alone!!! How awesome is that! Wonder who created this system ???? Putting the food into our mouth and enjoying it is another part of the process of nutrition that feeds your emotional body. So take your time eating and feed your mental and emotional bodies as well as the physical.

6. Relationships

Are you in a relationship or a relation-shit?? If you’re in a relation-shit it’s probably because you haven’t evolved to the point recognising other people are a mirror for yourself. All the greatest relationship gurus are saying it and I see in my life.

Some people I meet I’m like, “Wow you’re awesome I just wanna hang out with you and be around you, you’re really cool”. Then there are others I’m like, “I don’t like you, you irritate me, you make me feel angry” or “there’s something about you I I just don’t like”.

Well what if that ‘something’ that I’m feeling about that person is actually something inside me that needs to be worked out? You tend to find though if you keep pushing these people out of your life, similar situations keep popping up again in different forms until you get it!!

When I see somebody that irritates me I know now, that’s my teacher. That’s the person I need to bring closer and trying to have an understanding of what’s actually going on and allow myself to work through the issue that’s inside of ME. When I make the effort to go through this process I find that the people who previously annoyed me end up becoming even better friends that all the other people who were easy to be around. What an amazing thing!

Relationships are a reflection of what’s going on within us. So if you are having issues and pointing your finger look at the three pointing back at you and say, “Ah what’s really going on is inside me”, maybe I need to go for a long walk and sort this out breathe deeply and really think about it before freaking out.

7. Passion

Do more of what you actually LOVE. Find out what you are passionate about and do it. I have multiple passions. I love downhill mountain biking, motorbiking, scuba diving, cliff jumping and when I do those things it invigorates me. I will show up differently in this world affecting people more positively.

Passion is ‘passing ions’ throughout the body. When I do what I love, when I speak, when I teach, when I share what I’ve learned I have this energy that builds within me, that builds my own intelligence and creates health within my body.

If you’re just working a job and you absolutely hate it and you don’t have time do anything else – change it. Just quit the frickin’ job! I don’t care what you believe about your whole life crashing down around you. It’ll feature itself out. Because if you’re happy, your kids are gonna be happy, your partner’s gonna be happy, everyone’s going to be happy and then you’re happy. If you’re not happy you’re just pissing everyone else off too. So figure it out!

So there you have it air, water, sunshine, exercise, whole foods, relationships, passion and then comes … rest.


Give yourself a break to unwind, de-stress and recuperate. If your stressed out and pent up take up piping hot bath with epsom salt and lavender sit there for 20-30 minutes before bed. You’ll be relaxed, rejuvenated and you’ll wake up with more energy vitality the next day. Hot baths are your best friend ?

Start with this first foundational level, then lets climb the pyramid together to the all seeing eye of consciousness and enlightenment and we’re all gonna be happier healthier the end. Once you’ve started on your foundation of health if you want information on specific cleanses, specific whole foods and things the target your condition that’s great and I’m happy to help.

Love ya and have a nice day!


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