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Supplements – Are They Beneficial Or Harmful For Your Health?

Let’s have a conversation about supplements.

First of all, the word supplement means “taken away from”.

So what you really want to be doing is complementing your lifestyle and diet, not supplementing it.

It’s really interesting, because in recent research from Cornell University and the University of Southern California, they starting to discover that when we take a supplement, there’s something called “nutrient upon nutrient interaction”.

And what that actually means is if I take a concentrated form of calcium, for example, that concentrated form of calcium in the form of a supplement actually diminishes iron within the body. A lot of people who start taking calcium will become anemic and deficient in iron. So then they’ll start taking an iron supplement, and when you take an iron supplement it becomes oxidative stress within the body.

This can lead to other deficiencies like B-Vitamin, so you’ll start to become aware that whenever we’re supplementing we’re actually throwing the system out of whack.

Now if you have a major B-12 deficiency, maybe having some form of supplementation just to rebuild that deficiency is okay for now. But you really need to find where is B-12 is found in nature.

Where can you get iron from in nature? Where can we get calcium from in nature?

For example, greens. Greens are full of calcium, iron and a complete and complex nutrition. They have B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, enzymes and co-factors that have even been discovered. So what I like to do is always bring it back to quality digestion and getting our nutrition the way that Mother Nature intended.

Now a lot of people come to me and they say, “Hey Tyler, well, you sell supplements on your website, things like Heal Thy Self Greens and the Heal Thy Self Berries.”

Now there’s a distinction between a supplement and an actual whole food complement.

You can dry a date and it’s still a whole food. You could dry out alfalfa sprouts, grind them up and put them in your water. It still has the entire nutritional profile just without the water.

So there’s a big difference between getting rid of all other nutrients and just concentrating pure B-12 or pure iron.

And anytime we’re highly processing a food, like sugar, it’s probably not good for you. This is what research is showing.

So when I sell Heal Thy Self Greens on my website, this is actually pure alfalfa, wheat grass and barley grass that’s just dried. It’s organically grown and locally grown. It’s put together with minimal processing so when you put into your body, you still have access to all the co-factors, enzymes and nutrients of that complete whole food.

When you go to a health food store and you buy maca powder, that’s the actual maca root. When you buy raw cacao, that’s the actual bean of the cacao tree. These are still whole foods. These have a variety of enzymes, antioxidant, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It’s a complete form that the body recognizes because it’s coming from nature.

So we need to keep it simple and bring it back to Mother Nature because Mother Nature does know best. Mother Nature is complex so that we don’t have to be. What I mean by that, is when we consume the whole food form with minimal processing, our body figures it out.

Today, science will be done on a spinach leaf that has 2600 different chemical phyto-nutrients that all have a profound effect in the body. But in the studies of the spinach leaf, they’ll find maybe one ingredient that targets the reduction of cancer in the body.

Supplemental companies will use that study and extract that one little tiny nutrient and then sell it as a pill or a capsule and a supplement. When studies are done on the supplement, they’ll find it doesn’t actually work.

One of these studies specifically is from Vitamin A. When you eat a carrot it has something called keratins and beta-keratins along with lots of other factors. When you eat the carrot, the beta-keratins are converted into Vitamin A. It enhances eye sight and it reduces the risk of cancer. It can also reverse cancer in the body.


So companies take that information, they take just beta-keratin, they put it in a pill, they sell it to you and they use the original study that was done on carrots. And you believe by taking that pill you’re actually gonna prevent cancer and improve your eye sight, which is not the case.

Cornell University as done studies of Vitamin A supplements and beta-keratins supplements and found that they actually cause faster mortalitywhich means those supplements actually kill you faster. So once we really start to look at the science and use basic intelligence, we can come to the conclusion that whole foods are always the way to go.

I could go off for another hour talking about all the different supposed supplements like Vitamin D and even B-Vitamins. New research just came out about B-Vitamin supplements and their implication in causing lung cancer.

This is not the case with B-Vitamins inside of whole foods.

It’s time we get back to eating the banana. It’s time we get back to eating the cucumber and the spinach. Every product that I sell or promote is an actual whole food item. So I recommend checking it out, looking into it for yourself and bringing it back to simplicity and bringing it back to nature.

Thanks for reading!

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