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The Best Cleanse To Remove Heavy Metal Toxicity And To Gain Clarity

The “Fast” Way to Lose Heavy Metals

About halfway through one of our retreats in Bali, one of our guests became really ill and began sweating, vomiting and passing metallic flecks and liquid. This was an extreme demonstration of the modern problem of heavy metal toxicity. Fortunately, what brought on the symptoms was also the cure: fasting.

Toxic World, Modern Problems

Nowadays, many people store metal toxins in their body tissues because heavy metals are everywhere in our environment: from vaccinations to mercury fillings and from fish to residues in metal cooking pans and utensils. A host of nervous and neurological disorders have been linked to heavy metals, from common anxiety and depression, to debilitating multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

I particularly remember an elderly woman in one of our programs with Alzheimer’s from whom we extracted large amounts of liquid mercury that apparently had been building up for years.

Process of Elimination

I always say there are three ways to cleanse: fast, faster and fastest. A fast way is a 60-90 day raw food diet. A faster way is a 30-60 day juice fast. The fastest is a 10-14 day water fast. In the process, you will begin to detox through your major organs of elimination-your skin, urinary tract and digestive system.

To facilitate this, you need to be out sweating in the sun, continually hydrating yourself, talking long walks, doing deep breathing exercises and using enemas. You could try my four day colon cleanse made of various types of fiber that were used anciently every month to cleanse the digestive system and keep the “river of life” flowing.

Eat Dirt!

After colon cleansing, the best way to eliminate metals like mercury and lead, as well as herbicides and pesticides, is bentonite clay. Ancient cultures like the Egyptians, Greeks and Native Americans would actually eat types of clay to extract toxins from their digestive systems.

You can buy liquid bentonite online from various companies. Take 1-2 tablespoons every couple of hours throughout the day. You can even smear it over your skin and then go out in the sun. The clay will dry and draw out toxins through your skin, and then you can scrub it off in the shower. You, and your skin will feel great.

So, if you suspect or have tested positive for metal toxicity, try raw foods and fasting, colon cleansing and clay, and remember to eat an apple a day. Really! The pectin in apples binds to heavy metals and carries them out of the body to keep toxins from storing up in the tissues again.


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