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The Best Non Toxic Cookware For Your Kitchen


I often get asked about non toxic cookware and what kind of cookware I use, here’s the lowdown.

Why is Non Stick Cookware So Bad

These days much of the cookware being produced has non stick coatings which have some obvious benefits, but unfortunately also have some pretty serious side effects. Teflon is a perfect example. There are videos on YouTube showing a bird in a cage high over a cooktop where a teflon pan was being used for cooking food. The toxic fumes coming off actually killed the bird. Poor bird, but it’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. If fumes coming off from cooking ‘one time’ has the ability to kill a small animal then you definitely don’t want to be using that in your kitchen regularly.

I recommend you avoid anything that says ‘teflon’ or ‘nonstick coating’ on it. Really looking at what the cookware is made out of is the key. I live in Bali Indonesia where very cheap aluminium cookware is readily used. Aluminium is a neurotoxin and when you cook with it, it gets into the food. It’s definitely something to avoid as it accumulates in the brain leading eventually to Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative diseases.

Metal Mouth – Utensils

I also think you should consider what your utensils are made of. I don’t believe you should ever put metal utensils in your mouth. I eat salads with my hands (aka our original forks) and people think I’m crazy but I actually like the taste of food better when I eat with my hands. Eating with your hands provides a connection to your food and I believe even makes it taste different. Try it! Otherwise bamboo utensils are a great alternative as are chopsticks.

Detoxing Metals From the Body

One of the reasons to avoid using metal utensils is because our bodies are already dealing with many different metal pollutants just from day to day exposure. Bentonite clay (used my our Colon Cleanse) is a great way to clean up the digestive system and to pull heavy metals such as mercery, aluminium and even pesticides out of the body. Eating apples everyday, adding lemon juice to water, and taking a hot salt bath are all ways to help your body to remove metals from the body.

Best Non Toxic Cookware

Ceramic, cast iron, and stainless steel are all good materials to look for when buying cookware. My favourite is ceramic. It’s an inert, non-toxic, non-leaching type of material. Cast iron is great because there is a low level of iron exchanges (not the actual metal form the pan sticking to your food! something more subtle). Glass is another great option, especially for baking. Cook with any of these and you’ll be winning!


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