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The Dangers Of Energy Drinks – Become Aware Of What You Are Fuelling Your Body


I was recently asked about the potential dangers of energy drinks and if they are bad for you. Yes, they are bad for you! I could just finish there, but I know you want a little more background information so I’ll keep going?


The Only Sugar Free Drink I Recommend

The only ‘sugar free’ drink I recommend is water. Most of these ‘energy drinks’ that are marketed as sugar free contain all kinds of artificial sweeteners that are highly toxic. When you take aspartame into a lab and heat it up to (just below body temperature) it becomes formic acid, formaldehyde and ethyl alcohol and literally becomes poisonous to the body. This can result in migraines, grand mal seizures and all sorts of things. So many people have conditions due to artificial sweeteners then end up taking a bunch of medications when all they really need to do is drop the artificial sweeteners from their diet.

Would You Like Insecticide In Your Coffee Sir?

Many people know about the dangers of aspartame now, but there’s always new artificial sweeteners coming out that claim to be ok. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes common knowledge that these new sweeteners are poisonous too. Like “Splenda” discovered by the insecticide industry and now in yellow little packets everywhere and put into cake mixes and the works… Basically anything artificial is going to be crap!

Do your research and you’ll find many sweeteners are actually by-products of insecticide research. You can literally grab those yellow packs of sweeteners you get down at Starbucks and kill off ant colonies with them. Makes you think twice about stirring that in your coffee right?

A lot of these sugar free energy drinks like Red Bull have other components in there that are shocking. Take taurine for example. This is an extract from bulls testicles that can cause all kinds of issues. Even the colouring in most of these drinks is toxic and made from Coal Tar. A recent report in USA today said that studies suggest that coal tar may cause Leukemia, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma. Teenagers and young adults are having heart attacks and other issues from these energy drinks.

An Amazing Natural Energy Drink That You Can Make Easily At Home

Do you want the perfect energy drink? Make one the way people have for hundred of years by using lemon and honey. I squeeze the juice of two lemons into a litre of water, add a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt then I add some honey or maple syrup which is really high in energy and minerals. Before all the gimmicky sports drinks were around bodybuilders would power themselves with lemon and honey.

Start making your own drinks, it’s cheaper and you can be in control of what you’re putting in your body. The point is to use something in it’s most natural form. Use things like honey, maple syrup, stevia or agave. Or try infusing berries or fruits into your water. Get creative and have fun. Get away from the poisoning that’s happening and keep it natural.

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