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The Hidden Messages In Water That You Need To Know

Did you know there are hidden messages in water? Well, there are! This is a truly fascinating piece of science that I want to share with you.

I’d like to begin this story with my travels to Japan quite a few years ago when I had the pleasure of meeting a great scientist Dr Masaru Emoto and his team. During this time, I had the opportunity to get really immersed in Dr Emoto’s, now famous, water experiments and to learn a lot of cool ideas.

What he discovered in these experiments is quite profound, and he shares it in detail in his book “The Hidden Messages In Water”.

How Were The Hidden Messages In Water Discovered?

Together with his team, Dr Emoto did a series of experiments by observing water under the microscope. The observations showed that water molecules have the capacity to change their structure depending on the stimulus they get.

They started with distilled water and cryogenically froze it almost immediately so that the molecules maintained their structure. When they froze distilled water, they got an empty molecule of water – every time, the distilled water had the same shape.

An interesting thing happened when one of the scientists passed a beaker to another member of the team for testing and said “Thank you”. When they froze it and looked at it, it was different from the other molecules of distilled water. It took on a beautiful geometric pattern!

What they found out is that there are vibrations in what we say and think that actually affect water and cause it to form either positive or negative structures.

This amazing discovery led them to further studies, so they even showed that if you take human DNA and put it into a beaker with water that has a hexagonal shape, the DNA will start to grow, repair, and ravel. If you add water that has the vibration of something negative like “You make me sick”, it actually causes the DNA to unravel.

This is a BRILLIANT discovery! Our body is 70% water whereas our brain is made up of an amazing 93% of water.

Obviously, this shows that what we think has a dramatic effect on the structure of the DNA within our bodies. This leads to another fascinating idea – our minds are very powerful tools in the process of healing and getting sick.

The Power Of The Mind

One of my favourite teachings comes from Dr. Hering’s natural love cure. Dr. Hering says that healing goes from the head down, from the inside out, and in the reverse order of symptoms.

When he says it starts from the head down, he means that all healing starts with your thoughts.

I find this really interesting because a lot of people go to a doctor asking for a cure. But often, the process of diagnosis and labelling “you have cancer / diabetes / heart disease” means that patients start to tell themselves they are really sick, and it’s literally the thoughts that they’re constantly saying to themselves that cause even more disease.

Studies actually show that cancer grows at a more rapid rate when a person discovers he/she has a cancer.  It’s been estimated that it grows at around 60-75% MORE in the first 30 days after being discovered, than it probably did in the past six months of growth.

During a juice fast or raw food cleanse, I want every single person to say and think, “You know what, this is the healthiest thing I’ve ever done! I feel fantastic! I feel wonderful! I have energy!” I know a lot of people get caught up in “Oh, you know, I feel like crap, I’m on this juice fast, and I have no energy.” By saying those negative things, you only create negativity for yourself!

Starting from now, observe your thoughts. Pay attention to what you say and try to determine if your words and thoughts release positive or negative energy.

The next time you catch yourself having a thought like “Oh, I feel really tired,” change it! Sit up straight, take a deep breath, drink some water and say, “I feel fantastic! I have energy! I feel wonderful!”

You will be amazed how you can change your state of mind instantly just by changing the things you say or the way you think.

Try This Experiment Inspired By The Hidden Messages In Water

Inspired by Dr Emoto’s idea about the hidden messages in water, I conducted my own experiment with rice. I put cooked rice in two separate jars, sealed them and placed them in separate rooms – I put one in the bathroom upstairs and another one in the bathroom downstairs.

What I did every single day was go to the rice upstairs and say positive things like “You are absolutely gorgeous, I love you, you are beautiful, you are amazing.” Just after saying these positive affirmations, I would go to the rice downstairs and say something like “I hate you, you’re disgusting, you’re ugly, you stink, I wish you didn’t even exist,” and I would walk out.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s an interesting experiment to do and see for yourself how powerful our minds and these hidden messages in water are.

I noticed the first changes after about 5 days – the rice to which I was saying negative stuff started getting thick whereas the rice to which I was saying positive things looked the same. Within two weeks, the rice downstairs was absolutely disgusting, it started to turn green and then black whereas the rice upstairs didn’t show any negative change.

This was a really simple experiment as there was nothing else than speaking positive / negative things and observing, but it really blew me away.

It made me realise that our words are so powerful that they have impact not only on ourselves but on other people as well.

You may have heard about “the double-edge sword”. Applied to this idea, with this sword you can either lift people up or cut them down. I’m telling you, if you can cut people down, you are probably cutting yourself down, and if you start lifting them, you will lift yourself too.

Start today by giving yourself positive affirmations. A great way to put this into practice is to get a dry-erase marker, go to your bathroom (because you go there every single morning) and write some positive affirmations on the mirror like “I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am strong…”

So, every morning when you get up, go to the bathroom, look at the mirror and just read those positive affirmations. Your day will start off beautifully because these positive words will cause the water molecules in your body to look beautiful, and you will definitely be creating health and vitality.

Let this be your homework – try this exercise while on your juice fast and make sure you are drinking pristine and beautiful water.

Have a beautiful and wonderful day,


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