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The Importance Of A Morning Routine

I believe there’s two kinds of people in the world; those who make excuses and those who make time.

How to make a real difference in your day

Most of us have had days where we’ve woken in the morning with no time to exercise or meditate, rushing out the door to get to work and, you know, the day goes by okay. We’ve probably been more agitated than we would have if we’d made time for ourselves.

But here’s the thing, some people choose to live each day like that, believing they’re too busy to have a morning routine. And then there’s the type of people who want to get up earlier and choose to get up earlier because they know what a difference it makes in their life.

Whether that’s 15 minutes earlier, 30 minutes, or an hour…

They use this time to hydrate themselves, move their body, listen to audiobooks or positive messages, be still, go for a run or a bike ride every single morning. Why? Because it makes them feel ALIVE. We can use this time to connect with nature and re-energize the cells of our body, ready for the new day.

You see, when we push ourselves, there’s a clearing that takes place. In our bodies and in our minds. On the other side of clearing out the noise, there’s stillness; presence; clarity. A moment when we can simply listen.

And our souls are craving this. It’s like food for the soul.

When I do these basic rituals each morning and make it a habit of opening up, clearing and connecting with my own soul, that’s when my day’s beautiful.

That’s when I have my best insights. That’s when I create new programs and inspire others with pearls of wisdom that can change people’s lives. And that brings more meaning to my life.

Keep it simple

I believe a big part of the success and satisfaction I have in my life comes from just getting into these basic, simple rituals each morning.

If you haven’t experienced what a profound difference it can make in your life, it’s time to. And if you haveexperienced it and forgotten, it’s time to go back.

You don’t need to make big sweeping changes that you can’t sustain. You can just start by asking yourself:

  • What is one thing I can do for myself before I start my day?
  • What is one way I can honor my body and what it needs from me right now?

Take the time to imagine what you would like your daily life to look like and then start by taking small steps to make it happen.

When I get back to the simple things in life; as I begin to experience more stillness and more clarity, I find I become more grateful and joyful as well. It’s a beautiful thing because everything just seems to flow.

Try it!

If you feel you need more clarity in your life or a bit more energy to help you wake up just a little earlier, why not try my Free 7 Day Online Juice Fast. It’s a life changing experience and there’s tons of great information on how to be the healthiest, happiest you.

Then head on over to my Facebook Group page and tell me how you plan to make the time for yourself.

Give yourself the time you deserve and see how your day is transformed.

Stay blessed and have a beautiful day.


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