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The Key To True Healing


Now, if you watch the video, I’m sure there will be people who are like, "Hurry up, dude. If you can't grab me in six seconds I'm out of here." And that's probably the point.

A.F.E.W. A few there be who findeth. A FEW. Air, Fire, Earth, Water.

I believe true healing comes when we are able to breathe, to slow down, to go to the beach or out into the woods and forest. Being able to stop long enough to just reconnect with nature.

Absolutely, there are a lot of forms of healing. Foods, exercise, relationships and all these beautiful things.

But true healing comes from our reconnection to mother earth, our reconnection to father sky. As the shamans have said for thousands of years, we heal the body with the earth, with water, with the air, with the sun – with the ionic exchange that happens when we reconnect with nature.

The sun is one of the greatest detoxifiers. That’s because when you’re out in the sun, it literally pulls  the toxins out of your body.

Myth buster: If the sun causes skin cancer for you, that's because it's pulling cancer OUT of your body. It’s probably better to pull it out onto your skin rather than let it reside within your body, don’t you think?

So, what does true healing take?

  • Stillness
  • Breath
  • Connection

Connection with yourself, quieting the mind.

I believe that disease, in a very big way, is related to mental imbalance, emotional imbalance and physical imbalance.

If you need to heal a condition, whether it be digestive, respiratory, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or any one of these things, I truly believe that a major component of your healing will come when you slow down.

When you stop, when you take time for yourself and you meditate, and you cure your own mind, you cure your dis-ease.

I'm reminded of the movie Avatar, where the soldier goes out to the natives and they're like, "We'll see if we can cure him of his insanity." If you haven’t watched it, watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Because it's true. We are insane! Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

If you're sick and you're stressed and you're having major issues, it takes a complete removal of the environment where that disease was created in.

Perhaps go to tropical paradise (come to Bali!) or find whatever paradise is for you. It could be out in the forest, or by a lake or a river. For thousands of years, master healers took people to the river to pray, to reconnect, to offer blessings and gratitude. (Head to 4:20 mins into the video if you want me to serenade you about this!)

Because there’s nothing better than slowing down, singing a song, reconnecting with our mother, reconnecting with the ocean, reconnecting with our father, reconnecting with ourselves, who we truly are at our core, finding that childlike nature and just letting it out, getting naked and just running around, being a child of God that we ALL are.

Now, as a quick aside I know some people will be offended by my words of God because they’ve had so much religious stuff shoved down their throat. Let me just say, I don't have any specific agenda other than just supporting you to reconnect with yourself.

As the Dalai Lama once said, “Kindness is my religion.

Then you’ll feel different and begin to change old patterns.

You can rebuild yourself through mother nature's breast milk - coconuts, papaya, mango, all the beautiful high-antioxidant fresh fruits and berries. These luscious foods hydrate your body, nourish your cells and create clean electricity as natural fibres move through your body to clean out all the darkness.

You know, all the decay, the parasites, the plaque, the shit that's accumulated from years and years of the unconscious running around eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners and colours, and dead animals that rot and decay in our bodies causing disease.

There's no doubt about where disease comes from.

It comes from a disconnection. It comes from trying to mimic nature by artificially colouring and sweetening the foods that are put on the shelves or offered cheaply for convenience.

It comes from killing things and putting death into our body constantly.

And it comes from not being connected to ourselves. We might have been emotionally hurt, we could be caught up in a mental shit-fight and confused about our direction… all of this keeps us from knowing who we truly are.

I’ve seen it so many times at my clinical fasting retreat. Sickness has come to people like a big slap in the face which wakes them up so they can get back to who they truly are. Sometimes it’s that big jolt we need to find our passion and our purpose and actually live it.

It might be yourself, or it might be a loved one. Either way, it is like a doorway to becoming more grounded, and learning to forgive ourselves and love ourselves.

It’s your choice whether or not you want to walk through it. BUT if you want to be present for others, you need to fill your own tank first. You need to give to yourself to the point at which your cup overfloweth with joy and love and gratitude.

Then we can share that love and that gratitude with others. That’s when we can go out and heal. Truly, because we are healed and we've discovered ourselves.

A.F.E.W. Air, Fire, Earth, Water. A few there be who find eth.

But it's right outside – just down the road. It's not far from you and it doesn't take much to reconnect and come back to the truth.

With that, I love you.

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