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The Most Perfect Food To Give You Optimal Health – Pulse!

Have you been looking for the most perfect food. One that tastes amazing, nourishes you on all levels, contains everything your body needs, all the nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and essential fats.

Often our search today revolves around finding fresh organic produce, which is great, but what if you can take it a step further? What if you could find something that is so well balanced to what you need that it makes your body sing?

Here I want to share with you some of the history and science of the most perfect food, Pulse. But when you read below you’ll find out it’s more than just a food, it’s a gift. 

For thousands of years the secret to optimal health has been passed through the ancient mystery schools of learning. One of the main goals of these evolving cultures was to enhance health by appealing to ALL of five senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch and hearing. It was said that sacred geometry was the guiding light in achieving this.

Below is the story of Pulse, learn the secrets behind how this food was created and how you can benefit from it today.

Sacred Geometry In Life And Food

Sacred geometry is something we are hearing a lot more about in conscious circles. It’s the mathematic ratios that are also called the ‘blueprint of life’. Leonardo Davinci used sacred geometry in all of his paintings. The Greeks and other cultures used sacred geometry to create their statues, buildings and their cities. Pythagoras developed music using the sacred geometry found in octaves.

Today we know that these individuals created the highest levels of experience in sight and sound. But what about creating a perfect food? You see, what we haven’t been told, is that combining these sacred proportions into meal offerings was the highest work of all.

Using sacred geometry to create the ultimate food experience is what was referred to as ‘golden measured meals’. Pythagoras called this the “Meal of Hercules’. Daniel of the Old Testament took this information and called it ‘Pulse”.

So you can get an idea now that not all food is created equal. You’ll be amazed by the simple but profound information below and begin to understand why Pulse really is a perfect food. 

Deciphering Mathematics To Create A Perfect Food

Pythagoras was known as the “Father of Numbers” because he laid the foundation of modern mathematics. He identified that all creation can be mathematically mapped out. He was the one who developed the seven octaves of our modern-day musical instruments.

What Pythagoras came to realise was that mother nature was speaking to him through mathematics. Using these same principles of sacred octaves or geometry, Pythagoras noticed the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven musical octaves and also witnessed the seven energy systems of the human body.

Pythagorus realised that the 7 systems of the human body need to be tuned harmonically, just like that of a piano or guitar, can be tuned when nourished correctly.

Taking what he knew about mathematics and nature, and implying these similarities of the body, he combined different foods in such a way as to aid all 7 systems of the body.  This was based on not only his wisdom but also principles and through ties to ancient mystery schools. 

The Perfect Ratio Of Ingredients For Total Nourishment

Through the secret wisdom of phi and pi ratios, Pythagoras observed and wrote about specific signs in nature or “Signum Natura”.

These signs showed three levels at which foods grow. 
1) the vegetables in the ground
2) the berries from the plants
3) and the fruit and nuts from the trees.

He also noticed the same three main levels in the human body. Lower body, middle body and the head.

You see, in ancient times the body was referred to as a temple, and when it was perfected it was referred to as King Solomon’s temple. To explain this properly I have to give you a little background behind this (but it’s so good, you’ll thank me later ;0). Sol-om-on was three syllables.

SOL represents the basement or bottom portion of the body from the feet to the navel. It’s where seeds (sperm & egg) are brought forth into the world (related to the reproductive organs).  SOL is also where the word solar comes from, the sun plants its seed (Lifeforce & Intelligent Coding) into the earth.

OM represents the middle section of the body, the naval to the throat where the organs are housed. Organs act as instruments working together internally, like a symphony, because they run on frequencies and communicate in very specific ways. When they are in balance and harmony with each other you are healthy, and when they’re imbalanced it’s called dis-ease or dis-harmony. You can actually tune your organs and tune your body with sound and light frequencies from fresh wholefoods, it’s the sound of OM that also creates balance within the body.

ON is represented by the head, where all light is perceived into the temple and projected out. Light is simply vibration. So when you see something, you’re seeing a vibration and that vibration is light. When you’re hearing something you’re hearing the vibration through the ears. When you’re smelling something you’re smelling the vibration and when you’re eating something you’re feeling the vibration through the taste buds with signals to the brain. There is also touch. The vibration of all the senses can be perceived by the top part of the temple through 7 Doors, these are the Elders of the “Head” of King Solomon’s Temple.


The Druids and Egyptians had profound wisdom on how foods correlate to the body. They separated foods into things that grow underneath the ground, grow right on the ground or grow into the heavens and into the trees. The roots and things that grow underneath are a gift for the highest parts ‘ON’ eg the brain. The things that grow on nature’s table are essentially for the centre ‘OM’. Things that grow up in the trees were seen as good for virility and reproduction found in the basement ‘SOL’. See the flip side here, what grows below is good for above and vice versa – it’s quite interesting.


Pythagoras similarly observed that there existed a sacred ratio in nature of foods and their quantities. And that when these same proportions were used in consuming foods, a man visibly became more healthy both physically and mentally!!

These golden measured meals of Hercules or “Pulse” have now been recreated using the same ratios and ingredients, resulting in a truly perfect food.

Pulse contains a sacred ratio of dates, raisins/sultanas, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, cashews, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, prunes, almonds, figs, pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, flaxseed, quinoa, sea salt, beet powder, grape seed oil, walnut oil, blueberries, cherries, cocoa powder, coconut, mango, pineapple, papaya, macadamia nuts, orange oil.

“Oh, my fellow men, do not defile your bodies, we have corn, we have apples bending down the branches with their weight, and grapes swelling on the vines”. -Pythagoras

Ancient Secrets Rediscovered

It’s so fortunate that my dad, Don Tolman, rediscovered the ancient recipe for this meal so that we can all enjoy this perfect food today. I feel it’s a great blessing and honour to be able to eat this food. I feel not only be nourished and have our taste buds satisfied, but to bring the whole body not harmony. I mean, when you just eat Pulse, things start to really shift inside you.

Raw Food Pulse can be enjoyed as a snack, but for optimal results I’d recommend a 30 Day Adventure which is a total body, mind and spiritual cleanse.

Common ‘side effects’ include:

  • Feeling healthier, lighter and brighter
  • Absorbing more nutrients in a bio-available form
  • Getting a real energy boost
  • Experiencing JOY from giving your body everything it needs

Try it now and feel the difference!

Thanks for reading,

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