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The Three Things You Need To Know To Heal Your Body

Knowing how to heal your body should be something that we are taught in schools, but sadly it isn’t, and often some really important aspects of health are missed out in modern medicine.

It was Thomas Edison who said,  “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet and exercise, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

This is pretty much in line with what my father teaches, when he says there’s only two reasons for disease – toxicity and deficiency. I would say there’s three reasons for disease: toxicity, deficiency, and misalignment in the body.

How Toxic Are You?

My father says the first reason for disease is toxicity. If we eat the wrong foods or use toxic personal care products then we can be unknowingly poisoning ourselves. The body’s response to toxins is often to produce mucus to protect itself and overtime it can mean things don’t flow and move in the body as they should.

A great way to reduce toxicity in your body is by doing a colon cleanse. It will clean a lot of built up mucus and toxins out of your body but will help your digestive system and colon work a whole lot more efficiently.

Are You Getting Enough Nutrition?

The second reason is nutritional deficiency. Meaning we don’t actually have the nutrition that our bodies require for the proper biological functioning. We need nutrients for different metabolic processes in our body.  

Nutritional deficiency can be caused by poor diet or malabsorption due to congestion. So if we are blocked in certain areas of our body, then there can be difficulty in absorbing and assimilating food. Also if we take in foods that are lifeless, they often ‘cost’ the body nutrients in terms of the digestive process, leaving us even more depleted.

For sure, you won’t be wrong if you go with fresh juices and fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. My whole food product Pulse Raw Food is a tasty and simple way to make sure you are getting everything you need nutritionally, and when you’re busy, it’s a really convenient and tasty way to nourish yourself properly.

Is Your Body In Alignment?

The third point I would like to add is about body alignment and the care of the human frame. Sometimes people get hurt in car or bike accidents, and all kinds of different day to day things may happen that can cause misalignments. This means that the body literally can’t flow and function the way it’s meant to. It’s important to work on your posture and then keeping everything in alignment. A chiropractor can really help with this.

How Do We Heal The Human Body?

We heal human body by cleansing it to allow everything to keep moving. Life is movement!

How do you keep your body moving? Firstly by drinking enough water (I’ve written an article on that HERE).

Secondly, by eating fibrous foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains which keep the digestive system clean and clear. These foods also contain thousands of phytochemical nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, all these sorts of things, that help the body’s metabolic processes.

So, the very same things that give us the right kinds of nutrition from mother nature, also cleanse us of the toxicity in poisons. Genius huh?

In terms of reducing toxicity I also want to mention there are a lot of whole foods that clean metals out of the body, get rid of different pesticides, herbicides and things of that nature. Apples are a great example. Also certain herbs are brilliant. For example, cilantro gets rid of metals and really helps detoxify the liver and the kidneys.

So they are some great tips for day to day maintenance, but if you need deeper healing then I recommend you look into fasting.

If you ask anybody, “When do you think you’re healing the most?” They would probably say, “Well, when you’re sleeping because you’re not doing anything and you’re giving your body that rest.”

So it makes sense that fasting for some time takes that healing to a deeper level.

To summarise, healing your body is all about keeping it in proper alignment, detoxification, and nutrition.

I’d also recommend fasting for short periods of time to allow the body to regenerate itself.

If you want to know more about how to intermittent fast and learn how to make awesome food that really nourishes you then come to my Heal Thy Self Express 3 Day WorkshopIt’s 3 days with me and Chef Cynthia Louise that will leave you with health habits to set you up for life.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading,

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