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The Truth About Supplements: Wholefoods v Extracts

Before I get started on this topic, let’s have a very basic look at what supplements are.

Let’s take lycopene for example.

The industry creating the supplement takes a whole food like turmeric or tomatoes, and they extract the lycopene out of thousands of other phytonutrients. It’s then concentrated and stabilized before being put into a pill and sold.

According to Cornell University and experts like T. Colin Campbell, as well as many other research scientists, supplementation can actually make situations worse.

What do I mean by this?

Well, beta-carotene, for example, which you can find in carrots, papaya and other orange foods, creates what is called ‘apoptosis’ within cancer cells. It can help prevent cancer and even reverse it. It can do all these beautiful things, but all the studies that were conducted, were all done with WHOLE foods.

When they commenced research studies using beta-carotene supplements, not only did it not work, these concentrated extracts actually contributed to higher mortality rates. Meaning people died sooner.

It expanded the process of cancer.

So when it comes to supplementation, jump onto Google and find what whole foods contain it naturally and then integrate that into your diet.

Wholefoods v Supplements

Some whole foods are perceived as supplements because they come in a bag. You could buy some Maca powder, which somebody could say, “Well, you know, that’s a supplement because it’s in a bag.

But the difference between wholefoods in a bag and supplements is, the maca root in its whole form has been ground up. It’s not a micronutrient that’s been extracted from the whole food.

Same thing with cacao. Cacao’s a bean. They grind it up and put it in a bag or container.

Sometimes I recommend products like turmeric, which is becoming more and more popular with companies growing organic turmeric root. They take it out of the ground when it’s ready, grind it and put it into a capsule. It’s still a wholefood, even though people could argue that it’s a supplement.

It makes sense to use our senses

People were designed to be in tune with nature. I generally don’t recommend taking wholefoods in capsule form because it bypasses the senses.

Our senses bring offerings of light and life and nutrition into our body.

When I smell something, it activates certain effluvial molecules and things in my body that already have a beautiful effect. The salivation process starts and my body produces enzymes that will help me digest the food.

In the future, they’ll discover that the body produces different enzymes based solely on the smell of the food, before we even start to eat it.

We’re meant to see food. We’re meant to smell it. Then we’re meant to actually taste it, and chew it, and love it, and then ingest it.

Wholefood capsules (not extracts, but actual whole food) can be a beautiful thing, because in that encapsulation process, they’re preventing oxidation or mould. It’s just like a little sealed container.

Roots like ginger, turmeric, things of this nature are very powerful, medicinal plants. You don’t really need to consume a high amount so they can oxidize or go off before they’re used.

So in a capsule, you can open it up and put it into your soup. Mix it into some whole foods, and use it like a whole food.

But I want you to open it up so you can experience it. Body, mind and spirit.

Discard the plastic!

There’s another reason I don’t want you to consume that little capsule outer coating. It’s usually either made from plastic or gelatin.

I don’t care what anybody says. If it’s plastic, it’s plastic. And some capsules are made from gelatin: ground up leftovers of spinal cords, ligaments, and bones from animals – Google it if you don’t believe me!

It’s absolutely disgusting. I don’t recommend taking that.

Even the vegetarian capsules sound great, but they’re still taking whatever plant form they’re using and converting it is into a form of a plastic. And I’m not into that.

In my Facebook community, I’ve had people who have done some random colon cleanse say to me: “Tyler, when I did “X’s” colon cleanse, I had all this plastic come out!”

I’m like, “Really, you had plastic come out? Well, what did the colon cleanse consist of?”

They’ll say, “Well, I was taking eight of these capsules in the morning, eight at noon, and eight at night.”

I’m like, “Okay, so you’re taking eight plastic capsules in the morning, eight at noon, and eight at night?”

Are you with me?

Use your brains, people.

Use your senses.

It makes sense for us to look at things, smell things, eat things. Then I really think you’re blessing your body in the highest form, in tune with nature rather than just popping pills and bypassing the system.

I hope that helps you guys.

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