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Tips To Get Pregnant Naturally And Without Going To Drastic Measures

Ladies-have you been trying to fall pregnant with no success? Are you starting to consider the very expensive (and not guaranteed) IVF treatment?

Well, before you go down that road, I want to share with you powerful health secrets that can increase your fertility!

This week’s episode of Tyler Talks will tell you the different ways and tips to get pregnant naturally. The stresses of trying to have a baby can really take their toll, and those who dream of starting their own family can find it exhausting-both emotionally and physically-when they don’t have success.

There are so many natural ways you can prepare your body for having a baby that will increase your chances of success. Some of these include:

  • Spending more time in the sun: More Vitamin D increases female sex hormones progesterone and oestrogen, which regulate periods, increasing your chances of conception. Vitamin D also boosts a man’s sperm count!
  • Getting more exercise: It stops the body from producing excessive insulin, which is said to harm the development of healthy eggs!
  • Taking time to relax: Stress affects female fertility. Kick back and let your man wait on you!
  • Getting rid of caffeine: Caffeine reduces the amount of activity in the Fallopian tube muscles, which assist in carrying eggs from the ovaries.
  • Drinking more water: More water means your body is well hydrated and nourished, allowing a strong blood supply to flow to the womb.
  • Having more sex: Once per week will put you in with a 15% chance of conception, while three to four times a week can boost it right up to 50%…time to get to work!

I hope you enjoy this enlightening episode of Tyler Talks! Share it on social media-who knows, you may just be responsible for bringing a new life into the world!


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