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Tips to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Hey guys, this video is a message for 2018.

I want to share with you what I’m personally doing for 2018, how I typically set goals, how I move forward with those goals and how I remind myself of what’s important in life.

So for me, one of my highest values is my personal health and the health of my relationships with my family.

And so 2018, the personal goals that I’m setting for myself are:

#1 Bring it Back to Basics

You know, sometimes I get super inspired with personal trainers and superfoods, and travelling and education… and education… and education. (I spend a lot of money on education!). And this year I really want to bring it back to basics.

What I notice is, I really enjoy the basic techniques and just kind of flowing with that on my own.

So that looks like waking up, drinking water straight away, doing my Shake & Bake – which is a basic series of body movements that help me to stretch, feel open and allow my body to wake up and get into my flow.

Then I simply go for a walk — 45 minutes to an hour of walking with my headphones in, listening to something that inspires me in the moment, learning something new.

Then I’ll come back and do the Tibetan Rites and my basic meditation. I might add some toning and movement. I don’t need to go run a marathon or be a black belt in Ju Jitsu straight away.

So for 2018, it’s just about bringing it back to basics.

#2 How Can I Be of Service

Honestly, through the years and years and years of doing what I’m doing, I find that I’m the MOST INSPIRED, I have the most energy and feel really good about myself when I’m humbling myself and being of service. Sharing information with human beings, supporting people and lifting them up, doing nice things for my wife and family.

And in my community, donating to certain places that can benefit, helping other people, if it’s giving information that’s inspiring people.

I really think that if you’re thinking about how you can be of service and in what way—and there are so many different ways—but when we’re in service, that’s when healing is happening. That’s when we’re feeling good about ourselves, that’s when we’re beginning to feel like we’re part of a community, which is a basic human need.

We need to feel connected. We need to feel as though we’re needed and wanted. And I think being of service is the best way to do that.

When it comes to setting goals, I look at mental, emotional, physical, social, financial and spiritual health.

I make a list of things that are my goals for 2018, and then I’ll typically pick the top ones in each one of these areas.

Then I’ll actually write a list and I’ll take a photo of that, along with some other photos to inspire me, and put that on my phone.

In the past, this process of evolution was about citius, altius, fortius, socius momenta and spiritus:

How can I evolve in 2018…


…what types of books do I want to read, what kinds of courses do I want to take?;


…what types of things can I be doing daily to be dealing with my emotions and communicating so that I feel emotionally balanced?;


…what are my daily activities to keep open, strong and balanced?;


…what am I doing socially in the world and what do I want to do in 2018 to really take myself to the next level socially. You know, even something as simple as skydiving! I went and did this amazing skydiving course and it was only 3 days but the social interaction I had with the teacher and all the other skydivers, it was a really beautiful experience. I felt like I made really good friends doing that.


…I’m going to set financial milestones that I want to reach and then de-construct that. How am I going to go about making these milestones in 2018.

And then putting all of that together…


…what am I going to do to evolve spiritually. What does that look like with maybe yoga or meditation, or some kind of techniques that I’m doing, breathing exercises, etc.  

So I make a list in each one of these areas and then pick the top one of each and make them my ultimate goals.

And make it a stretch. Put it out there that, you know, yeah if I can do that it would be absolutely amazing. Not too far out there that it’s unrealistic, but enough that it’s getting you pushing to accomplish these goals.

I know that I accomplished a lot of these goals last year, so I’m super stoked about that. And it tells me, you know what… this process works so I’m going to do it again.

So I hope that’s helped inspire you. I hope it wasn’t too long.

Love you guys, have a beautiful 2018 and hope to see you on tour or online.

Thanks for reading!

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