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Understanding Your Mental And Emotional Bodies

 #understanding your mental and emotional bodies.

Your Mental body is connected to your head, brain and nervous system. This body consists of lower and higher aspects. The lower aspects are connected to all you negative, limiting, self-destructive thoughts. As you let go of much of your lower level negative, limiting thinking and start reaching for higher, good feeling, more refined thoughts, you will not only start to vibrate better and feel lighter but you will start to perfect your Mental body, which will turn into a bright lit version of your physical.

This energy body when cleared helps you to develop steadfastness in following through on your decisions long after the excitement and emotion of the moment has passed.

On the other hand most people have a very limited understanding of their emotions and how to best work with them without cutting them, disconnecting and numbing. Thus, many people’s emotional body looks either torn or frozen, which leads to a lot of physical, immune, lymphatic and hormonal dysfunctions. There is the lower aspect of your emotions and higher.

The lower contains judgements, aggression, guilt, self-criticism, fear, anxiety, lack, base needs and desires.

The higher emotional body contains reverence, devotion, love – in particularly Divine, softness, deep compassion, honour, respect, joy, bliss.

In order to prevent a lot of physical problems and emotional scarring you need to work on a particular negative emotion that you have experienced within 24 hours.

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