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Using Parasites To Cure Celiac Disease… I Call B*LLSH*T!

Hey guys, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve just been reading…

People with celiac disease are actually going to hospital and having parasites implanted into their digestive systems so that they will no longer have symptoms from eating gluten and crap foods!

In my opinion, this is the absolute height of ignorance within our civilization.

It’s crazy!

There’s even been research into taking pills that contain human fecal matter. You can literally take a pill and eat someone else’s shit to help rebuild the bacteria in your digestive system.

Oh thank god, pharmaceutical companies. Thank god, medical industry. What would we do without you?

I’ll tell you what we’d do without you. We would heal ourselves.

We’d get back to Mother Nature; to principles of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Origins of healing

If you go all the way back to the origins of the medical system – all the way back to Hippocrates – he said: “Let food be thy medicine. Let thy medicine be thy food.”

Our bodies are designed to sweat to get rid of toxins and parasites. Why would we want to ingest more shit and parasites! I mean really, people… come on.

I’ll share a little something with you. Original healers and healers for thousands of years would take people through a process of healing. Typically, they’d take them out to a river and would have them do something called ‘fasting’. They would get them out into the sun and let them be blessed by the sun’s rays.

The sun is the greatest detoxifier. It pulls toxins out of the body.

The symbol of the Pontifex Rex and the Caduceus are the original symbols of the medical industry, and you can still see them all over. Healers would go out and extract parasites from people. They would take people and fast them and put them on fresh foods and alkalize their bodies and give them fibers and do all of these techniques — hot water therapy, cold water therapy, getting into the sun, breathing exercises, meditation, stretching, oxygenating the body, detoxifying the body, cleaning the skin, going through all these processes of helping people to heal.

During the process of fasting our body goes through many stages of healing itself.

Now there is brilliant medical science to prove this.

When we go three days on water specifically, our body goes into ketosis, which is a fat-burning state. When it’s in a fat-burning state, it creates what’s called embryonic style stem cells. Studies at biological laboratories at the University of Chicago say that our metabolism is boosted. They say that the cellular physiology of a 40-year-old male that fasts for two weeks goes back to that of a 17-year-old. So our body regenerates itself.

When people started to heal, they started to become alkaline and become oxygen-rich. They started moving the shit out of their digestive system, and all of a sudden, parasites would come out and the symptoms diminished.

This is where, if you go back in history and look at the Essenes and Christians, they referred to the body being either a temple of light or a temple of darkness, depending on what you put into it.

There’s a universal principle: a thing like unto itself is drawn.

If you’re eating toxic, dead processed crap all day long, guess what? You’re going to become dead, toxic crap.

I’ve seen parasites come out of people’s skin. I’ve seen parasites come out of people’s rears. Massive parasites. Little parasites. Balls of parasites.

I run fasting retreats here in Bali for 10 days, 21 days, up to 40 days on water. I can tell you that the amount of parasites and the amount of filth and toxicity that comes out of people is shocking. Most of you might not believe this, but look into it. I’ve fasted dozens of people through extended periods on water, doing very specific protocols to get rid of parasites.

When people get rid of these parasites, their symptoms go away. They feel amazing. They have all of a sudden life force and energy and clarity and a connection unlike anything that they’ve had in a very long time.

So when I’m sitting here seeing these articles about people having parasites surgically implanted or they’re taking the eggs and actually having these things put into their body to prevent celiac disease, I have to face palm because people just don’t get it.

The medical industry has turned from an industry of healers into an industry that’s allopathic medicine: using physical interventions to suppress symptoms. It means put on a Band-Aid, ignore your body, mask the symptoms and just keep doing what you’re doing.

Hospitals are run on cut, burn, poison, repeat: We can cut it out with surgery. We can poison you with medication or we can burn you with radiation.

If you have a symptom of disease; if you eat something like wheat and you have pain in your digestive system and all kinds of symptoms coming up, that means that you’ve accumulated a level of toxicity. You’ve damaged your system to a degree that now it’s degraded.

What you need to do is rebuild the system.

I have friends who had celiac disease. John, who lives here in Bali, started fasting on water for 10 days at a time. Guess what? After about the second or third fast he could eat wheat. He now fasts 3-4 times a year now and has no problem whatsoever.

Putting parasites into your body so that you don’t have symptoms when you eat wheat is just complete nonsense.

Why don’t you think you have symptoms now? Well, the reason is your new parasites are eating the food you’re ingesting. Everything you eat, the parasites are eating now, and you’re not having the symptoms that you used to have when you used to eat that food. Oh, yay. No symptoms.

How the hell are you getting nutrition?

If your parasites are eating all the food and shitting it out, that’s the nutrition you’re getting. Parasite shit.

Then there are those people who have digestive issues and are literally taking pills of other people’s shit. Literally. And people are like, oh, thank god for modern medicine! We can now eat people’s shit and have good bacterial digestive systems. Have you ever heard of E. coli and all the other bad bacteria that can potentially cause disease?

What are your options if you want to avoid eating shit and parasites?

Look at what ancient cultures and people all around the world have been doing to fix their digestive system or maintain a good digestive system their entire lives.

Eat fermented foods: yoghourts; sauerkraut; kimchi. These types of food have probiotics and enzymes. These are the types of foods that build our gut and healthy gut flora.

The Germans eat sauerkraut before they have dinner because it helps us to break down proteins. It balances the pH of the stomach. Sauerkraut is one of the most beautiful whole foods. All that’s in it is cabbage and salt, and they’re left to ferment. You can add garlic or onions. Chop them up and put them in there. You won’t even taste the garlic! That’s one of the world’s greatest prebiotics.

It feeds all the good probiotics in your gut and also kills all of the bad bacteria at the same time with the allisyn and other nutrients inside of garlic and even onions. Onions clean out the cells. That’s why when you cut an onion, you start to cry because all the cells within your eye cells start to detoxify.

We need to get back to basic principles of eating whole foods.

When you eat fresh fruit, there’s a level of fermentation that creates probiotics within the gut. We are frugivorous by nature.

Physiologically, you look at an orangutan or an ape and we are nearly identical, they’re frugivorous by nature. They eat fruits. We need to get away from the hype and the bullshit that fruit has sugar and so it’s bad for you and causes cancer.


Fruit reverses cancer. Fruit alkalizes the system that hydrates your body.

The American Cancer Society spends hundreds of millions of dollars per year on actual cancer research and what do they say? They say eat fruit every day. They say eat it three to five times a day. In fact, they say eat fruit with every meal and as a snack to prevent and even slow cancer growth.

Everybody is caught up on this fermentation of sugars for tumors. That’s processed sugar. That’s highly acidic white sugar that causes that process. A tumor is bathed in an acidic bath. It creates a process of fermentation of sugars to cause its own growth.

When you eat fresh fruit, guess what? The system gets alkalized and it stops that process. Taking things like bicarbonate of soda … I’ve got my third liter of water here, and it’s probably only 9:00 in the morning. I’ve got some bicarbonate of soda in this one. I’m alkalizing my body.

A few hours will come around. I’ll eat some fresh fruit. This will alkalize my body. It’ll give me tones of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients; all of the things that my body loves. All of the colors of fruits are what we need to be looking for, carotenes in papaya, carrots and anything that’s orange.

Research of beta-carotene (and carotene in general) finds that it reverses cancer but when you take beta-carotene supplements, studies show it actually enhances cancer. It causes cancer growth and it causes premature death.

We need to get away from extractions and supplements and popping pills, and we need to get back to the simplicity of just eating whole food.

It makes sense. Our senses know how to make sense of things. When we see something that is beautiful, it activates nutritional processes within the body. When we smell a beautiful, organic papaya or mango or pineapple or whatever the food is, a tomato, we smell it. It causes us to salivate. That salivation breaks down cellulose in the plants. It helps us to digest the food. You chew it really well, and it’s an orgasmic experience.

Nutrition is meant to be an orgasmic experience. Period.

We are meant to get pleasure from whole foods.

So many people are lost and emotionally suppressed. Why? They’re not feeding their emotions, eating fresh, whole foods off of a tree or from a plant – berries, fresh fruits, vegetables, things that actually taste good.

All these beautiful types of food, that’s when we’re connected with nature and not disconnected and stuck on artificial foods and colorings and flavorings and all this crap, our senses, particularly our sense of taste, become enhanced and these things become orgasmic.

This orgasmic experience is what gives us nutrition in general. It’s what establishes our gut. It’s what gives us good digestive systems so that we’ll never need to have parasites implanted into us. In fact, you don’t even need to implant the parasites. Just go eat a bunch of meat, dead foods. Become acidic, and parasites will start to grow in your body.

I would say about 95 to 98 percent of the population already has parasites anyway. You’ll discover this.

I fast people at my retreats, four, five, six times a year. I’ve got 50 people coming soon to do a fast from Australia and around the world.

And guess what? We will see parasites and plaque and the most disgusting filth come out of these people during their fast.

When it comes out, these people will feel better. They will heal from different types of conditions. So let’s not induce parasites into our bodies. Let’s not eat other human shit. Let’s get back to basic principles of health, building our gut with fermented foods, building our gut with fresh fruits and vegetables, eating in season and doing other basic principles to bring about a situation of health.

If you want to know more, look up some of my articles, join my private Facebook community and ask some questions. Let’s have a conversation.

That’s my rant for this morning. Please, don’t buy into ingesting parasites for ANY form of disease.

We need to get rid of that stuff. We need to heal our bodies.

If you want to learn more about the true science of healing celiac disease and other digestive disorders or simply finding the balance between the physical, emotional and mental aspects of fasting and healing, I invite you to come along to my Longevity Tour. Book here for only $45.

Thanks for reading!

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