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What Chewing Gum Is Really Doing To Your Body

Could chewing gum be just as bad as actually smoking cigarettes?

Now, I know that’s a big bold claim, but once you really start to look into the ingredients of most chewing gum on the market, you’ll see they have all kinds of interesting ingredients and preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners in chewing gum

Talking about artificial sweeteners alone, there’s one called aspartame and another called Splenda. Aspartame specifically, is actually quite toxic.

When you heat aspartame up, it becomes formic acid (formaldehyde), which is an embalming fluid, carcinogenic and ethyl alcohol.

These three things are quite toxic inside of the body. They can lead to neurological damage and all kinds of other conditions and symptoms. Most people will have these symptoms from taking aspartame.

They’ll go to a doctor with their symptoms and might be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, MS or epilepsy, simply from using an artificial sweetener in chewing gum or something else.

The next one is called Splenda.

Splenda is actual sugar, but they use hydrochloric acid to get rid of some of the carbon and attach these chlorine molecules. The chlorine actually destroys your good digestive gut flora and can then lead to all kinds of problems.

There have been animal studies that showed Splenda decreased red blood cell count, caused male infertility, enlarged kidneys, spontaneous abortions, and even increased death rate.

I’m not saying chewing some gum is going to kill you, but if you’re taking chewing gum on a daily basis, these small toxins start to accumulate inside your body, destroy your digestive system, and potentially cause all kinds of other problems.

Studies done on children between the ages of 13 and 19, showed that children who chewed traditional chewing gum had a high rate of headaches and migraines.

So, I highly recommend looking into this and making sure that you’re avoiding preservatives and artificial sweeteners, especially if you are chewing gum.

A healthy alternative to chewing gum

Even better than that, we can look back into history at what used to be chewed and this is called frankincense gum. This is something very simple to do. It might not taste as good, but you can mix it with some honey.

You can buy frankincense gum as an actual resin and just pop it into your mouth and start to chew it. At first it’s hard, but you break into that, and then it becomes like a chewing gum.

I’m a big believer that it is healthy for your gums and teeth to chew this stuff, and if you look at PubMed, which is a medical journal, you’ll actually discover that frankincense boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation, and has a whole plethora of other benefits.

So, check out frankincense gum and really start to look into some of these ingredients in traditional chewing gum, and let’s just make a smarter decision moving forward.

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