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Why Seeds And Grains Are Vital For Our Bodies To Function

Why Seeds And Grains Are Vital For Our Bodies To Function

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the grain-bashing going on in the media recently. So-called “health experts” have been giving one of the Earth’s most important gifts a bad rap, and if you believe anything they have to say, then apparently wheat is the devil.

I’m sorry, but that’s just not the case!

Seeds and grains are vital for our bodies to function. Having dedicated my life to health, I’ve learned plenty of important things, and one of them may shock you: not all grains are created equal! What do I mean by this?

People who have experienced allergic reactions to certain grains, such as wheat, are most likely getting these reactions due to processing conditions, rather than the actual grains themselves. Due to high demand, producers of grains such as wheat are forced to yield massive quantities in advance, so that there are no shortages. To keep costs low, it’s in the financial interests of producers to ensure their stock doesn’t spoil, and to ensure it doesn’t spoil they’re often guilty of spraying their grains with everything from aluminium to fluoride – chemicals which can cause allergic reactions in the human body, such as an inflamed digestive system.

Centuries ago, grains were so highly regarded that they were the primary food source of the feared gladiators – massive men who battled to the death! If you want to receive the same clean goodness that they did, then you need to do your homework and ensure that the brands you are purchasing are strictly organic. If you don’t have access to organic grains, or find them cost-prohibitive, then there are ways to clean your grains before eating them which will help you wash away the nasties!

Want to know what that is and more?

On this week’s episode, I’ll discuss why you shouldn’t believe the hype, and why grains are great for you if you eat the right ones! I’ll also tell you how to sprout your grains so that you leave your meal feeling more satisfied, and I’ll also let you in on a remarkable experience I had with a super grain called Kamut! The experience was so remarkable, in fact, that it has allowed me to expand on the Tolman Philosophy…

I’m so excited to share this video with you this week, as I love grains and believe that you should too – and after watching this video, you’ll know why that is!

Thanks for reading!

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